Q: How long will it take to receive my waterer?
A: Depending on the shipping option it can range from 4-10 business days for parcel shipping and 2-5 business days for priority shipping.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we do. Please select the international shipping option when buying from out of the USA.

Q: Do you sell kits for DIYers?
A: Yes we do.  Please look under ‘Helpful info and comments… Build Your Own’.

Q: How do I adjust the float valve?
A: Simply turn off water, remove the lid, loosen the wing nut on the float valve and adjust to a desired height / water level. Then retighten the wing nut on the float valve and turn the water back on.  Ensure the float valve raises and lowers vertically.  Not diagonally.  To fix, simply twist valve so the float valve arm (where it bolts onto valve) is on the bottom. Important, DO NOT use float to adjust the valve. Use pliers on the housing. Please refer to our ‘Build Your Own‘ video where it shows this process in more detail.


Q: Why is my waterer leaking where my hose connects to it?
A: Sometimes the threading on the end of an older hose can have dents and irregular threading due to impact, rust, age, etc.. The best solution is a new hose wrapped with plumbers tape. Usually plumbers tape will suffice even with older hoses.

The other possibility is the gasket fell out of the hose connector during shipping.  Please look in the box it was shipped in, if this is the case.  Refer to pictures below.hoseAdapterGasket_Done   hoseAdapterGasket1_Done

Q: Why is water pouring out of my waterer?
A: Two things, either your hose connection is faulty (see above “Why is my waterer leaking where my hose connects to it?”) or your waterer is not on level ground. ***Very Important*** your waterer MUST be on level ground. Otherwise it will not work properly.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: If for some reason you received your waterer and are unhappy with it you can return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a refund.  Any time beyond the purchase date are void of returns.  Product must be returned in good condition for a refund.

Why 30 days?  Because of the simplicity of this waterer, it has minimal fail points and is highly unlikely to fail unless used improperly.  There is one moving mechanism which is the float valve.  This can have a manufacturer defect but is also unlikely as each waterer is tested prior to shipping.  30 days is plenty of time to determine if it functions properly and whether your chickens/ducks like the waterer / if it’s a good fit.