Build Your Own!

Rather than sourcing the tools, parts & materials and time to make one of these,
simply Buy one here!

Otherwise, Here’s a video for those of you who work better watching how something is made, like myself. If you prefer walk-through instructions and pictures, scroll down below the video. Hope this helps!

Got a bucket, lid and the know how?  
Then check out our Float Valve & Hose Adapter Kit!
Float Valve & Hose Adapter Kit for auto-refilling chicken / poultry waterer

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Comes with top quality parts;
– 1/2″ 60psi adjustable float valve
– 1/2″-3/4″ swivel hose adapter
– and plumbers tape.

Tools You Will Need

Cordless or corded power drill

3/4″ drill bit

Jig Saw with medium to fine blade

Two pair of pliers to grip and tighten parts with

Parts Needed

1/2″ Float Valve

.5″ to .75″ Hose Adapter

5 gallon bucket & lid


Plumbers water sealing tape



Have plumbers tape, tools and parts readily available.  Below is the float, adapter & tape.  20150305_115703With Jig Saw, cut a 1/4 of the top section of the bucket out… like below pic..20150305_115255Drill 3/4″ hole into bucket on opposite side of cut out.  Just below the bucket “outer ring” (connected to metal handle) and begin threading the disassembled float valve through the bucket.  20150305_115837With your pliers thread the float valve disassembled, just the valve, through the hole.20150305_115546Screw valve’s locking nut on and grab plumbers tape to wrap around the valve’s threads.   20150305_120426Screw on adapter over the plumbers tape to ensure a tight seal. 20150305_120454Reassemble the float valve and make sure it’s set at a desirable water height.  20150305_115140Put lid on, take outside, set on level ground and connect to hose.  Done! 🙂

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