Why Our Waterer Is The Best

Why Ours Is The Best
Our automatic chicken/poultry waterer comes ready to use right out of the box.  Simply set it on level ground, connect your garden hose, turn on and DONE!  No more worrying about refills or constant cleaning.  No need for plumbing, pipes, tubes or anything.  Setup takes no more than a minute.  It’s that easy.
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No More Constant Cleaning
We all know how chickens can be some messy gals… kick’n up all sorts of stuff. Lots of times those nasties get kicked up in their water and sipped up by them as most waterers don’t have a way of staying clean.   Because our ground waterer’s hole stands just about head level to the chickens, it takes a lot for debris to get kicked up high enough to get in. Secondly there is a lid on top of the waterer to help prevent anything from falling in.

No More Constant Re-Filling
Do you ever get tired of re-filling your chicken waterers?  Whether you refill daily or every couple of days… over time it becomes a pain.  Especially when you need to go out of town or vacation.  With our waterer, your chickens will have an endless supply of water and you won’t have to ever refill their waterer again… sleep in, relax! 😉

Seems A Bit Expensive?
Our prices reflect cost for parts, materials and labor for making them.  We are working on lowering the price point as we grow and source out less expensive parts and materials but for now this is the best we can do to make it worth our while.  We’ve had emails come from customers who told us our waterers are worth every dime as their lives have improved greatly as a result.  Sounds funny but it’s true.  They have a lot more time, less impact on their bodies as they don’t have to lug heavy buckets around to refill their sub-par waterers, nor is there the constant need to clean.   They especially have peace of mind when away or when eating their eggs/poultry as they know their hens consumed fresh and clean water.

More Eggcellent Information Below:
I got burned out real quick (after 3 months) of cleaning and refilling our chicken’s waterers. It was especially tough to juggle when we went out of town.  My two small children even pointed out the “Chicky poopoo water”.  I had to find a better alternative…

I scoured the web looking for an EASY, EFFECTIVE, AUTOMATIC waterer for my chickens. Making sure their water will stay fresh and clean. Pulling from some other great DIY ideas, I came up with this design as a result.  What started just for us, turned to making for friends, their friends and so on…  My wife, kids and I build these to help pay the bills.

Out Of The Box
– Assembled & Ready To Use
– Simply set on level ground, connect garden hose (fits standard 3/4″ garden hose), turn on and leave it on.
– It will refill automatically when the water level drops.
– Keeps water clean, fresh and readily available.
– These waterers can cater up to 1 – 10+ chickens.  Even more depending on the coop.
– Hand made here in USA (each waterer is unique), with 5 gallon bucket, top quality parts and materials.

After connecting your garden hose the waterer will make some noise as it’s filling up but once full it’s silent and the ground version is quite heavy, making a solid base for the waterer.  It won’t knock over. Sometimes due to shipping, the float can get knocked offset and may need minor adjusting. To do so, simply loosen the wing-nut on float arm to a desired water level assuring the float will rise vertically as to diagonally, then re-tighten the nut on the float.

Because of the solid/ heavy base reservoir when filled, your chickens can climb, roost, dance, etc., on top it… all while water stays fresh and clean. Best investment I’ve made in a LONG time. This payed itself off along time ago. Get yours today it’s worth it… so simple and easy.  Buy Yours Today!

To get your chickens to recognize there is water in there… you may have to lightly splash the water so they can see there is water in it.  I used a stick to splash the water for a minute or so… It took our chickens around 10 minutes to figure it out… or at least the first chicken then the rest saw her sipping and followed suit.

**SUGGESTION: Use a two way valve to dedicate a hose line to your automatic waterer. Please see picture (below) for reference. We bought a $6 two way valve at a garden/ hardware store. As a result we still have a hose to use for everything else. And the chickens have theirs for their waterer.** **Attention: This Purchase Does Not Include A Two Way Valve, it’s purely for help/suggestion & reference to free up a hose line**

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