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Fresh Eggs Daily ::  Lisa is so knowledgable, amazing and truly the go-to source for all of your poultry questions.

ATTRA (Sustainable Agriculture)

Poultry Basics Tipsheet

Fungi Perfecti:  Amazing information and products related to fungi.  A true necessity.

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  1. I’m impressed. Been 4+ months since I bought mine and it’s been great. Had to remove my old waterer (which was a nightmare) from the coop and splash the water with my hand from this one so my chickens could see there was water inside it. Few minutes later one of my chickens figured it out and the rest followed. I would recommend this to any chicken owner. Easy set up. Minimal to no maintenance. Compared to what I had and was using, this was a great buy.

  2. I was one of the lucky winners! I tried posting a video of the girls using it, but can’t post vids to your page Anyway! Thank you for the waterer! We just love it!. After about 1/2 hour of trying to get them to use the waterer, we came up with a way to get the girls to “look up” and drink! We taped some grass to the bottom of the waterer, they ran over and pecked at the grass, and within a couple of minutes, they were all there drinking!! Thank you again!!

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