What’s Your Time Worth?

Spending time cleaning & refilling dirty waterers?

How about vacation, can you leave?  Introducing an easy, auto-refill chicken /duck /turkey / poultry watering system.  Using our waterer, each day saved not having to clean and refill dirty waterer(s) will be noted to the value it will bring to those who have one… worth every penny.

Eggcellent Goods :: Big Blu
Automatic Chicken / Duck / Poultry Waterer

New Low Price! Only $39.99                    PayPalLogo1          Patent Pending

– Assembled & Ready To Use Out Of The Box.
– Simply set on level ground, connect garden hose and turn on and leave it on.  Fits 3/4″ standard garden hose.

– It will refill automatically when the water level drops.  As a result, it’s base is heavy and won’t tip over.
– Due to the drinking hole being high off the ground, our waterer keeps water clean, fresh and readily available.
– This waterer can cater up to 1 – 50+ chickens, ducks, turkey, guinea’s, etc.. Even more depending on the coop/ space.

– Compared to nipple or cup waterers, which are known for making poultry water deficient/ dehydrated due to the effort that’s needed to get the water, our waterer is the most natural way for poultry to drink AND STAY COOL during hot/warm weather.  Birds tend to dip their lower head/upper neck into the water to cool down.
– Hand made in USA (each one is unique) with 5 gallon bucket, top quality parts and materials.
Patent Pending.  

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Float Valve & Hose Adapter Kit for auto-refilling chicken / poultry waterer

Got a bucket, lid and the know how?  
Then check out our Float Valve & Hose Adapter Kit!

Only $29.99 Free Shipping (Continental US only)
Comes with top quality parts;
– 1/2″ 60psi adjustable float valve
– 1/2″-3/4″ swivel hose adapter
– and plumbers tape.





Bok Bok  Feed Supplement
A tasty & beneficial treat for your chickens!

Only $10.99  10oz. bag
Protein & Calcium Rich Antiparasitic Formula
Ingredients: Mealworms (Rich in protein, minerals and vitamins), grit (Chickens need grit as it helps digestion), calcium rich oyster shells (promotes strong healthy shells), diatamaceous earth (helps prevent parasites) and calendula (marigold; boosts immune system, helps prevent parasites and promotes healthy egg production)
Instructions: Add 1-2 heaping Tbsp per 1 lbs of feed, sprinkled evenly.




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